What’s Next helps organisations fully utilise the energy, ingenuity and potential of their people to deliver superior business results.

Kevin Green

Founder and CEO


Business Advice

Kevin is an Entrepreneur, CEO and HRD of a FTSE 100 company he supports businesses that want to grow, develop and improve. He does this as a Non Executive Director, Strategic Advisor or occasionally via Ad Hoc projects.

People Strategy Development 

Facilitating business take a long hard look at their people strategy is Kevins passion and a unique capability. What Talent and Expertise will help you outperform your competitors.

Leadership Development

Kevin has long been recognised as excellent leader himself and a winner of Leadership awards. He has always believed that developing and helping people realise there potential is an art and a science.

'Why our jobs matter now more than ever before'

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Our Purpose

The philosophy of What’s next is to help organisations live in the present, to think differently, take action, reflect and move on.

I recognise that it’s important that we reflect and learn from what’s gone before, we live our lives going forward. I think we forget sometimes that we can change anything but to do that you need to do something different, to make a decision and take action. 

We can decide now what we’re going to achieve this afternoon, we can plan the next adventure, or define our aspirations but then you need to take action. Life is short let’s make the most of it, let’s not have regrets let’s crack on and make a difference in our own or someone else’s life.

Even the biggest change started with one person taking that first step.

Over my 37 years in business, I’ve often worked with or in organisations who have over analysed, over planed and who keep getting stuck, make little progress and have become difficult places to work. Change and progress are often talked about as complex, difficult and hard to achieve. Many organisations have created a view of the world and a language that stifles innovation and creativity.

So What’s Next purpose is to help businesses harness their core asset the energy, ingenuity and capability of their people. I will work as a non-executive, consultant and advisor to help leaders create more successful businesses by engaging, their people through purpose, experimentation, innovation but most importantly learning while doing.


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